GOLDp Features


All transactions made with GOLDp can be viewed on the blockchain. GOLDp can be seen on the Ethereum blockchain with the Ethereum contract address 0xaA2636dd8535ef02926D818670c44A07d707014E.

Available 24/7:

GOLDp can be purchased, sold and transferred 24/7 in all cases where traditional gold markets do not offer trading opportunities.

Zero Cost

Unlike traditional gold products, GOLDp does not reflect the costs of custody, possession, transfer and management to its owners.


In order to ensure liquidity and to form a certain market volume, Ponte global acts as a market maker of GOLDp. Hence as a market maker, Ponte Global carries out buying and selling transactions to prevent the formation of disparities between the spot gold market and the token price which would disrupt the price stability.


Investors with GOLDp can physically redeem their digital assets by contacting through, can transform it to any other cryptocurrencies or Turkish Lira through the digital asset platforms.

Price Stability

GOLDp utilizes an arbitrage strategy that tracks spot gold prices and plays a market maker role in carrying out the necessary transactions to prevent any price disparities between the spot gold market and token price.


GOLDp is offering the opportunity to invest even with the balances that are below 1 USD. In order to level of the playing field, each token that are equivalent to 1% of gram gold.


The gold equivalent of the digital asset will be stored in Loco London correspondent accounts or Borsa Istanbul via Golden Global Bank. The Golden Global Bank which is the warrantor of GOLDp is in compliance with the Republic of Turkey’s regulations and laws. Also, it is licensed by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey.

Comparison Table

Features GOLDp GOLD ETFs Gold Futures XAU
Physical Gold
Accessibility High High High High Low
Storage Cost N/A Low N/A Low High
Allocated Direct Indirect Indirect Indirect Direct
Transferability Fast Low Low Low Low
24/7 Trading Available N/A N/A N/A N/A
Minimum Purchase 0.01 gr, lower than 1 $ 1 share (~200$) 1 contract (~200K$) Variable Variable


GOLDp is backed by globally valid bullions, produced by refineries accredited by the LMBA, with a fineness of 995 (0.995 purity).

GOLDp is open to trade on digital asset platform 7/24.

GOLDp price value is equal to spot gold pricing. To prevent price fluctuations Ponte Global Trade Co. acts as a market maker.

GOLDp is issued by Ponte Global Trade Company with Bitexen Technology as a solution partner.

GOLDp, just like any other digital currency, could be bought or sold on markets to corresponding investors.

On, users can buy GOLDp with over 100 currencies.

Each user can submit orders equivalent to 1 GOLDp.

About Us

Since Ponte Global Industry and Foreign Trade Corporation began trading in 2016 with a small team of highly experienced staff, it has quickly taken its place among the top players of the global gold market. Moving with the vision of pioneering the mobile transformation of financial markets, Ponte completed its infrastructure preparation by increasing equity by 500% in 2020 to realize its investments on digitalization. True to its name, Ponte has brought together the gold based digital asset GOLDp (Ponte Gold) with investors as a “bridge” that connects the global goods market with modern day technology.